The Galaxy Garden

May 7 -28, 2011
Artists: Kim Donaldson, Katarina Frank, Bianca Hester, Neil Malon, Andrew MacQualter, Nobuaki Onishi, Fran Van Riemsdyk, Kiron Robinson, Ai Sasaki, Chiyuki Sakagami, Utako Shindo
Curated by Utako Shindo

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Tokyo, Japan
Born in Tokyo 1980, based in Tokyo and Melbourne. She is currently undertaking her PHD at the Centre of Ideas, Melbourne University. Her works explore the uncertainty, in other words the potentiality, of human's visual perception of time and space. In the context of installation art practice, she intends to realise visceral visualisation of one place that triggers one's perception of another. Her practice across to curation, coordination and direction of projects/art spaces. She was a committee member of West Space (Melbourne) and a chief staff member of Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo). Her curatorial project 'Immanent Landscape' encompassed exhibitions, residencies and symposium between Japan and Australia 2009-2012.

selected CV

2013 understanding of misunderstanding, SLOPE, Tokyo,
2010 Tsumurumitsumeru-BEHOLD, Youkobo ART SPACE, Tokyo
2009 Miru Milieu –See Site-, Sutton Gallery Project Space, Melbourne
2013 Finalist presentation for Kawaguchi City New Artists Award, Kawaguchi City Art Gallery ATLIA
2009 Peripheral, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
2007 Polar, VCA Margaret Laurence Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Living Everyday by Art, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
2010-2 Immanent Landscape, West Space, 2010 / Oyama City Kurumaya Museum, 2011 / Japan Foundation Gallery Sydney, 2012
2011 Galaxy Garden, Sutton Gallery Project Space, Melbourne
2013 (forthcoming) Arguetopia Residency program (Puebla), Mexico
2009 University of Ballarat Art Residency in association with AVOCA project, coordinated by Jill Orr and Lyndal Jones, Australia
2013- Australian Postgraduate Award
2013 Shortlisted for Kawaguchi City New Artists Awards (Japan)
2011 Australia-Japan Foundation’s Funding for Immanent Landscape Project
2010 Feet through: Artistic Practice between Space and Place, E-journal ‘Intersections-Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific issue.23’ Australian National University


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